Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review: Need to build an Ecovery Return to Wellness program?

An ecovery program works best when it is implemented before an injury occurs. Why waste precious post-injury time developing a modified duty job when your injured employee could receive the rehabilitative benefits of being back to work, and you could gain from their added productivity?


Whether you need to build an ecovery Return to Wellness program from scratch or you need to re-evaluate your current program, we have the tools and resources you need. You can use our ‘off the shelf’ programs or create your own by selecting only the documents best for your organization. We also provide the option to obtain customized ecovery materials using your letterhead, logo, and branding.


We're specialists.



We focus on doing one thing and doing that one thing well: providing superior workers' compensation products and services to businesses and organizations. Since 1997, we have built a strong reputation for being a "best in class" provider of workers' compensation products and services. We've achieved this position by creating supportive relationships and providing our employees and clients with the tools and resources they need to win with integrity. – Eastern Alliance Insurance Group


Oakmere Wealth Management Advisors: Other Services

We either have the expertise or access to specialists who can advise you on a wide range of other wealth management services, ranging from writing wills and tax advice and legal services to advice on portfolio management services, general insurance and corporate lending.


Products and services from other providers have been carefully selected to complement and enhance the range of St. James's Place products on offer.


Some of the services we have available to us are separate and distinct to those offered by St. James's Place.



Wills are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Online Fraud Detection Security and Risk Online on How to Keep Safe Shopping Online and Avoid Cyber-crime

With online shopping growing fast, more of us are turning to the internet to buy stuff. And the run-up to Christmas is one of the busiest times, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday seeing a jump in online sales.

Latest figures show that this year it is expected that around out of every £100 spent on retail, £1.70 of that will be online. Last year Black Friday saw two million online transactions, with around one million on Cyber Monday.

More than three-quarters of internet users made a purchase online last year, according to research from Twenga Solutions.

But many online shoppers are worried about the risk involved of sharing financial details over the internet. Now Devon & Cornwall Police has issued this guidance on how to stay safe when shopping online.

How to protect yourself from cyber crime

Cyber crime is when criminals exploit the speed, convenience and anonymity that technology offers in order to commit a range of offences. It is becoming increasingly serious and is estimated that it costs the global economy about 445 billion dollars a year, according to the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

What is 'cyber crime?

Police often break cyber crime down into two categories:

  • Cyber enabled crime – traditional crimes committed using the internet. e.g. theft, harassment, fraud, identity theft, selling stolen goods, drug dealing or people smuggling.
  • Cyber dependant crime - online crimes where a digital system is the target. These include attacks on computer systems to disrupt IT infrastructures, e.g. unauthorised access (hacking), malicious software programming (malware) or denial of service attacks.

We are all vulnerable to the potential of cyber crime, either individually or as a company. Remember that 80% of all cyber crime is preventable.

The Law

Cyber crime is against the law under the Computer Misuse Act (CMA) 1990. It may also include abusive or harassing communications under the Malicious Communications Act 1988 or Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

How to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime

  • Use 'strong' passwords, and keep your passwords secure. i.e. use at least 8 characters, include numbers and letters, both upper and lower case.
  • Update your computer security, anti-viral software and install a firewall.
  • Keep your operating systems updated.
  • Delete and block spam or junk emails. Be careful when opening attachments or using internet downloads.
  • Secure and encrypt wireless networks when using WiFi (Wireless Internet access).
  • Make sure your internet browser and any plug-ins are updated (e.g. Flash, Java, Silverlight)
  • Use reputable companies when shopping online.
  • Use secure payment methods, such as PayPal or credit cards for online purchases.
  • Avoid scams, criminal gangs operate 'scams' and use the internet as one of the methods to defraud people and business. i.e. asking for money to pay for travel, finance a sick relative, or winning the lottery.
  • They will also try passing off as your bank and ask for your banking details.
  • or Microsoft or your internet provider stating your computer has been corrupted and want you to click on a link or download some software.
  • Backup important data - like photographs, music, videos or documents and not just to the cloud.

SC Advisors Real Estate Orlando Projects in Singapore Review: Orange Country Recreation Centers




As the Orange County Board of County Commissioners considered allocating public funds for the construction of Amway Center, members concluded that a tangible community benefit should be part of the Amway Center project. As Owner’s Representative for the Orlando Magic, SC Advisors helped with negotiations that led to the Magic’s agreement to provide five new community recreation centers throughout the County.


SC Advisors then served as the Developer's Representative for the five new recreation centers. Strategically located across Orange County, the five recreation centers provide wellness opportunities to families at an affordable cost. Each facility includes a fitness room with cardio equipment, weight room, locker room, two classrooms and a 12,000-square-foot wood floor gymnasium. The recreation centers are building stronger communities by offering exciting programs and activities for preschoolers, youth, adults and seniors.


SC Advisors placed the multi-facility development on an accelerated schedule to coincide with the completion of the Amway Center. The SCA team worked closely with Orange County to coordinate the five different site plans and managed each project through to completion. SC Advisors helped the Magic fulfill their promise by delivering all five centers to the County prior to the October 2010 opening of Amway Center.


Bricon Associates PTE LTD: Personal Insurance

Your home, maid, vehicle and travel can be covered by personal Insurance. It is more than just a basic insurance policy. This personal policy covers things like your jewellery, cameras, musical instruments, silverware, art, collectibles, sports equipment, and valuable electronics.


All of those things are very costly and, should something be damaged or stolen, you can end up with quite the financial burden. Personal insurance takes that kind of burden away from you compensating you in the event of damage or theft. That way you can replace any lost items and not end up with a huge expense you could do without. So pick up a personal insurance policy today and protect your home and wallet.


Tenet Personal Insurance





No excess, no age limit and broad coverage, Travel Joy is your perfect companion for a ‘worry-free’ trip.




A fatal accident could happen to the healthiest of us. With our Personal Accident plans you can be assured that there is financial support provided to cope with the unexpected. Select from these 3 fabulous plans:




An ideal Personal Accident package for your little ones providing 24/7 protection, coverage for HFMD & more.




A packaged product with exceptional benefits such as medical expense cover for 13 infectious diseases.




Create your own plan with benefits that best meet your needs.




Don’t take any chances when it comes to your most valuable asset. Rest in the assurance of HomeBliss – a complete cover for your home & contents, complete with a 24 by 7 home emergency assistance hotline.





A motor insurance plan with comprehensive range of services to serve your needs. Sign up now for a safer and smoother ride!


Maid Coverage



MaidEase helps you to be more than a responsible employer. You and your maid are well covered and protected from mandatory costs and unexpected occurrences.


AXA Personal Insurance





SmartCare Prime

SmartCare Shield





SmartHome Essential

SmartHome Optimum

SmartHome Prestige